Collamer United Church
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Images of Original Churches - Methodist on left; Presbyterian on Right
          Collamer, once known as Britton Settlement, had its beginnings around 1780 when the little hamlet consisted of six log cabins. As time went on it grew to include a tavern, carpenter and blacksmith shops, post office and a school. It was in that school in 1828 that the Methodist Church was organized. Construction on the primitive church building was completed in 1831.
          In 1842 the Rev. Richard F. Cleveland, father of the future U.S. President Grover Cleveland, held a revival meeting the the Methodist Church, which resulted in the organization of the First Presbyterian Society of Britton Settlement. Their building was erected in 1843 at a cost of $600.
          The initial steps towards uniting the churches was taken in 1947 when Lenten services, Vacation Bible Schools and Summer services were combined. Serious discussions began in 1958 and on October 27, 1974, the two churches voted to officially become Collamer United Church. After much research and many meetings, it was decided to erect a new facility. Land was purchased and a design committee was formed. We broke ground on  July 18, 1993 and held the first service in our new building on June 5, 1994.
        The log cabin, tavern, carpenter and black smith shops, post office and school are all gone, but the church in Collamer proudly remains some 183 years later.